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Verre Trempé

Tempered glass is glass that has been treated to improve its mechanical properties. Tempered glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass. It is part of the safety glasses. Thermal tempering is obtained by passing the glass through a furnace at around 600°C followed by sudden and rapid cooling. When thermally tempered glass breaks, it bursts into many small pieces, with no sharp edges. Tempered glass retains the luminous and energetic properties of the basic products. Once tempered, they can no longer be cut or shaped.



Verre Réfléchissant

Low-emissivity glass is pyrolytically coated glass for enhanced solar control. They offer protection adapted to all types of climates and block between 30 and 65% of the heat in addition to providing comfort to the occupants. Available in ordinary, laminated or tempered glass, it is ideal for outdoor applications such as facades and windows for office and residential buildings. It can also be used for household appliances, such as oven doors, and interior applications such as walls partitions.


Verre Bombé

Curved glass is made by heating a flat sheet of glass in a controlled way. The glass curves under the effect of gravity and takes the shape of the mould placed below it can be made of ordinary, tempered or laminated glass. Curved glass is often used in roof glazing, light domes, verandas, shopping malls, to round the corners of glass walls, as a component of furniture, stairs, curved automatic doors, shower walls, facades and windows for office buildings and kitchen hoods.


Verre Feuilleté

Available in normal glass or safety glass,  laminated glass consists of at least two sheets of glass separated by interlayer films, generally of a plastic nature. It is used in particular for car windscreens and can be used wherever ordinary glass can be used. It is part of the safety glasses. Laminated safety glass is glass that does not present a risk of injury when broken, is not passed through during normal impact, and broken glass pieces are held on the interlayer film.

Verre Imprimé

A patterned glass is a flat glass that has at least one engraved side. The main objective is to protect against unwanted looks while allowing light to penetrate. The printed glass is more or less translucent depending on the design and the shade chosen. Patterned glass can also be tempered or laminated, it is very often used for its decorative aspect and for controlling brightness. It is mainly used for furniture doors (kitchen and bathroom cupboards), interior doors, windows and shower and bathroom walls.

Verre Auto-Nettoyant

A self-cleaning glass is a glass that, due to a special microscopic coating, has the ability to degrade organic dirt and therefore remain clean longer than ordinary glass. This type of glass also has hydrophilic properties that cause the water falling on the glass plate to be distributed evenly over the glass, washing the glass, instead of leaving it dirty like ordinary glass. Indeed, instead of falling in drops on the glass, the water gradually forms a film which, due to gravity, ends up slipping along the glass by washing it. Thus, all the water flows, there is no evaporation and therefore no traces.

Panneau composite en Aluminium
Panneau composite en Aluminium

Aluminium composite panel is an innovative and highly designed material that offers unlimited architectural possibilities. It consists of two aluminium sheets connected by a polyethylene core, a fusion fixing process. This mechanical and chemical bond guarantees exceptional resistance. The aluminium composite panel thus offers constant flatness and stability even on large surfaces. The aluminium composite panel is perfectly suited for interior and exterior design and many construction fields such as ventilated facade construction, facade cladding, balcony and tunnel wall cladding, door panels, modular partitions, room partitioning, interior plastering, designer wall covering and many other avant-garde applications.


Compared to plastic panels, glass offers better visibility, greater durability, ease of maintenance and better weather resistance, street furniture includes bus shelters, billboards, telephone booths...

At IGS we can give your glass the shapes you want, curved, round, oval, rectangular... Ideal for interior furniture, furniture and sanitary furnishings, or oven doors, hobs, kitchen furniture...

IGS also offers you custom-made curved glass, perfect and essential for shower cubicles, shower walls, Italian showers, railings, to round the corners of glass walls or kitchen hoods, roof dome, veranda, furniture components...

Glass has an incomparable design, very trendy, it is widely used for office partitions, meeting rooms, glass doors and sliding glass doors, room dividers, glass stairs, glass elevator shafts, decorative glass, sandblasted, printed, frosted.....


Very popular and appreciated since  immemorial time by designers and architects, safety glass and very present in the construction sector, facades, curtain walls, doors, showcases, railings, windows, insulating glass, reflective, self-cleaning...

Aluminium composite panel is a very innovative material that can be used in many areas such as ventilated facade constructions, facade cladding, balcony cladding, residential facade, tunnel walls, door panels, modular partitions...

Accord Entreprise Inter Glass Solution

Since its creation, Inter Glass Solution has implemented a serious and reliable ethics. It is committed to offering quality products and meeting its commitments. This is why it now has many customers such as multinationals, suppliers and differents companys in various sectors, confident and committed to the latter. In addition, the fact that it has implemented an attractive pricing policy makes it possible to satisfy the needs of its customers, who have specific requests according to the specific field in which they operate. The control of our customers' needs is also possible thanks to the presence of a single sales representative per zone who is always available to listen to our customers. Thanks to our great experience, seriousness and unique know-how, the logistics, import and export activities throughout all the countries where the company is present and through our direct partners are of unparalleled quality.

Inter Glass Solution therefore relies on the quality of its products, the attractiveness of its prices and the quality of its logistics while offering more advantageous prices compared to the competition and offers the most suitable choices according to the expectations of its customers. The company can therefore adapt perfectly to the different projects proposed to it by its customers thanks to the solutions it offers and its large production capacity.



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