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The "CE" marking is represented in the "European Community". This marking indicates that the product complies with the European technical standard known as the Harmonized European Standard (hEN).

Harmonized European standards (hENs) are standards approved by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) where all national standardization bodies are represented, according to a mandate from the European Commission. These standards are the result of open and transparent discussions and have been established on the basis of consensus among the various interested parties.


The CE marking is not:

An appellation of origin

  A quality brand in the traditional sense of the word

  Linked to aspects not covered by the essential requirements, such as colour, appearance, etc.
  An authorization to use the product in all cases and in all countries.

Standards have been established to eliminate technical barriers to the marketing of building products. A single standard will exist for the main types of products or product lines. These standards supersede all national standards.

A number of hEN's concerning glass for construction have been applicable since 1 September 2005 and are mandatory since 1 September 2006. The corresponding harmonised European standards are indicated in brackets.

     Products standards                                     Products Inter Glass Solutions


          Soda-lime silicate glass                                                                                   IGS Float Glass                                             (EN 572-9)                                                                                           IGS Float Color Glass                            


                 Coated glasses                                                                                        IGS Low-E Glass
                   (EN 1096-4)                                                                                          IGS Solar Control

                T empered Glass                                                                                      IGS TSG Tempered
                   (EN 12150-2)

     Thermally reinforced glasses                                                                               IGS HSG Heat Strengthened glass
                   (EN 1863-2)

          Laminated safety glazing                                                                                IGS  LSG Laminated
                   (EN 14449)                                                                                            IGS  LSG Sound Control

                 Insulated glass                                                                                        All insulating glass units
                   (EN 1279-5)                                                                                             that incorporate coated glass                       

                Heat Soak Test                                                                                          Heat Soak Tested Glass
                  (EN 14179-2)


                    Mirrors                                                                                                 IGS MIR
                 (EN 1036-2)


Inter Glass Solutions, undertakes to do everything in its power to ensure that its products are CE marked in order to comply with the standards in force within the European Union. The performance of the products being proven by IGS provides additional security for all our customers and the architects in charge of the various projects. Technical information on product marking is available on request.

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